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  • Evidence-based nursing research supporting our patient positioning products 

    University of Michigan study: 

    "Preventing Patient Sliding in Steep Trendelenburg."

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    No-Slide™ support
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Patient Positioning Solutions for Conventional and Robotic Assisted Laparoscopy and Open Surgery 

Patient Positioning Safety in the Surgical Suite

D. A. Surgical offers advanced patient positioning solutions for conventional and robotic surgery, including assisted laparoscopy and open surgery for Urology, GYN, General and Colorectal. We provide reusable and single-use products that focus on safety for the patient and staff in the surgical suite. 

Our patient positioning products include TrenGuard®, ArmGuard®, FaceGuard®, and ShroudGuard® which protect patients in the Trendelenburg, supine, and other positions during surgery. D. A. Surgical has a passion for patient, staff and equipment safety in the OR and proudly adheres to an ISO 13485: 2016 Certified Quality Management System as a minimum expectation to instilling quality and continuous improvement throughout our operations.

Featured Patient Positioning Products

TrenGuard Trendelenburg Patient Restraint


No-Slide™ Trendelenburg patient restraint. NO shoulder braces. NO chest strap. NO hassle repositioning.

ShroudGuard OR Table Protector


Protects your OR table pedestal from damage caused by equipment on the base of the table.

ArmGuard Patient Arm Protector


Pressure-point protection, anesthesia access, fast and easy set-up. Secures the patient’s arms in numerous positions.

FaceGuard Patient Head Protector & Instrument Tray


Full access for anesthesia monitoring, plus convenient surface for surgical instruments during surgical procedures.