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TrenGuard® Trendelenburg Patient Restraint

Used in over 250,000 procedures worldwide with no attributed patient sliding or post-operative pain.

  • Secures patients up to 550 lbs | 250 kg in 40 degrees of Trendelenburg.
  • Virtually eliminates the risk of brachial plexus neuropathy (no shoulder braces).
  • Low cost per procedure with minimal waste. 
  • Set-up and position patient in less than 5 minutes.

TrenGuard - effective and efficient Trendelenburg patient positioning.
TrenGuard Speed Bump bolster secures patients in Trendelenburg

Patients Cannot Slide

The bolster, placed under the concavity of the neck, comes into full contact with the trapezius muscle. It functions as an effective physiological “speed bump.” A head stabilizing pillow prevents the patient's head from rocking.

TrenGuard does not have shoulder braces

No Shoulder Braces

Non-structural lateral stabilizing pillows help to control body mass shift as the patient transitions into extreme Trendelenburg.

TrenGuard 600 accommodates bariatric patients

Accommodates High BMI

TrenGuard 600 is the only system capable of securing patients up to 550 lbs | 250 kg.

What is it?
TrenGuard Trendelenburg Patient Restraint Components

The TrenGuard Trendelenburg Patient Restraint is comprised of a TrenGuard Patient Support Frame, which securely clamps to OR table rails and components that attach to the frame with industrial strength VELCRO® Hook and Loop Fastener:

  • (A) The single-use “Speed Bump” bolster prevents patient sliding.
  • (B) The single-use soft head stabilizing pillow controls side-to-side rocking of the head.
  • (C) Two soft lateral stabilizing pillows - which are NOT shoulder braces - control body mass shift during transition to Trendelenburg (available as single use or reusable for up to 500 procedures).

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