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TrenGuard® Trendelenburg Patient Restraint

TrenGuard® Trendelenburg Patient Restraint

The best-in-class Trendelenburg positioning system.

TrenGuard features a revolutionary bolster with No-Slide™ technology. It is the first and only Trendelenburg patient positioning system clinically proven1 to ensure patients stay in place by supporting the trapezius muscles.

  • Clinically studied and proven to prevent patient slides in 500+ surgical cases1
  • Quickly and easily secures your wide range of patients up to 550 lbs at up to 40°
  • Real-world record of success, with use in over half a million procedures
  • No repositioning delays as with sticky foam pads and chest straps
  • Ideal for MIS & robotic surgery
TrenGuard Speed Bump bolster secures patients in Trendelenburg

No Sliding-Associated Risk*

In a clinical study conducted at a major US health system looking at more than 500 procedures1 no there were no incidents of patient slides, skin shearing, or brachial plexus nerve injuries.

TrenGuard does not have shoulder braces

No Shoulder Braces

Non-structural lateral stabilizing pillows help to control body mass shift as the patient transitions into extreme Trendelenburg.

TrenGuard 600 accommodates bariatric patients

Accommodates High BMI

TrenGuard 600 is the only system capable of securing patients up to 550 lbs | 250 kg.

What is it?
TrenGuard Trendelenburg Patient Restraint Components

The complete TrenGuard Trendelenburg patient positioning system is comprised of:

  • A patient support frame that securely clamps to the OR table rails, along with the following components that are affixed to the top of the frame with industrial strength VELCO® Hook and Loop Fastener
  • (A) The single-use, trapezius arch bolster prevents patient sliding.
  • (B) The single-use soft head stabilizing pillow controls side-to-side rocking of the head.
  • (C) Two soft lateral stabilizing pillows - which are NOT shoulder braces - control body mass shift during transition to Trendelenburg (available as single use or reusable for up to 500 procedures).
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How does it work?
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TrenGuard Components
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References: 1. Barber J. Preventing patient sliding in steep Trendelenberg. OR Manager™ Conference, September 21-23, 2016, Las Vegas, Nevada. Poster 17.