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TrenGuard 600 Hybrid with Integrated Wedge in Steep Trendelenburg with high-BMI patient

Physics. It's how TrenGuard® works.

"An object at rest tends to remain at rest unless an external force acts upon it." -Newton

TrenGuard's rigid support frame is fixed to the OR table accessory rails with wide-based rail clamps. 

Soft foam components, anchored to the frame, secure the patient while in Trendelenburg position.

Speed Bump bolster supports patient

The patented cervical notch bolster, in direct contact with the trapezius muscle, safely supports the body mass while patient is in Trendelenburg position.

A paper by surgeon and anesthesiologist, Dr. Hewer, describes this unique patient positioning restraint technique and explains how it also eliminates the risk of brachial plexus neuropathy.

Performance Specifications
TrenGuard Components on TrenGuard Frame
(A) The TrenGuard bolster is rated to safely support patients up to 550 lb | 250 kg in steep Trendelenburg up to 40°.

(B) The unique shape of the head stabilizing pillow is designed to protect against alopecia and maintain head position during the procedure regardless of the degree of Trendelenburg.

(C) The soft, lateral stabilizing pillows are non-structural. They control body mass shift during tilt. They do NOT act as shoulder braces.
Improved Procedural Efficiency In Trendelenburg Position
Stopwatch = easy set-up & fast turnover
TrenGuard Trendelenburg position patient restraint is so easy and intuitive to use that the staff becomes expert with the process after only one or two procedures.
  • Frame installation < 20 seconds
  • Positioning patient & tilt test < 4.5 minutes
  • Remove & clean reusable components < 90 seconds

TrenGuard - Two Nursing Professionals' Stories

Two nursing professionals provide first-hand accounts of how TrenGuard is easier to use, more efficient, and safer for patients 

than alternatives positioning devices for Trendelenburg.

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