D. A. Surgical
Advanced patient positioning solutions
D. A. Surgical
Advanced patient positioning solutions
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Passion for Patient Safety in the Surgical Suite™

D. A. Surgical provides reusable and single-use surgical table accessories focused on patient, staff, and equipment safety. 

  • TrenGuard® is the company’s flagship product. It is a standard of care positioning device for patients being placed in the Trendelenburg position.
  • ArmGuard® provides has an application in any surgical procedure utilizing the supine position.  
  • FaceGuard® acts as both a patient face protection device and a versatile table mounted instrument tray. 
  • ShroudGuard® protects surgical table pedestal shrouding from accessory clashing damage. 


D. A. Surgical devices have application for usage during conventional and robotic assisted laparoscopy and open surgery for specialties including Urology, GYN, General and ColoRectal.

Founder, Dan Allen, invented the boot-style surgical stirrups design which is found in nearly every OR.  

  • A respected pioneer and product designer who has dedicated more than 40 years to the study of anatomy and physiology as they relate to the proper positioning of patients in surgery.
  • Participated in over 3,000 surgeries observing patient safety and positioning issues, which motivated him to develop products to address unmet needs.
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