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ArmGuard with bariatric width extender pad

ArmGuard® Components

ArmGuard Patient Arm Protector secures arms without tucking. The width-adjustable system accommodates a broad range of patients and allows nursing staff to control arm compression. Single-use procedure packs are compatible with all ArmGuard sleds.

ArmGuard Patient Arm Protector Packs
STANDARD ArmGuard pads protect patient hands and fingers
STANDARD pads protect arms, hands, and fingers

ArmGuard Packs

Available in 2 lengths:

 BASIC (20 in | 51 cm) and 

STANDARD (24 in | 61 cm).

ArmGuard Pack fits Rail-Mounted and Toboggan-style sleds
ArmGuard Pack pads on Rail-Mounted Sleds
ArmGuard Bariatric Width Extender Pads
Width Extender Pads

ArmGuard Width Extender Packs

Bariatric accessory pads for high-BMI patients are available in two sizes to fit mattress thickness and support patient arms.

ArmGuard Bariatric Width Extender pads fit Rail-Mounted and Toboggan-style sleds
XL Width Extender pad on Rail-Mounted Sled
ArmGuard Sled Kits
ArmGuard Sled Kit

ArmGuard Classic Sled Kit

Plastic ArmGuard support sold as a kit with two standard sleds and two bariatric sleds. 

Shown with STANDARD Arm Protector pad to cover fingers and Width Extender cushion to support high-BMI patient arms.

ArmGuard Rail-Mounted Sled Kit

ArmGuard Rail-Mounted Sleds

Sleds securely mount to OR table rail with clamps. Adjustable to fit varying patient sizes and add up to 6 in | 15 cm on each side of the mattress (use with Width Extender Pads).

Rail-mounted sleds aid in supporting patient in lateral tilt up to 15°. Useful for colorectal procedures. 

Shown with STANDARD Arm Protector pad, which protects fingers.