D. A. Surgical
Advanced patient positioning solutions

ArmGuard™ Patient Arm Protector

ArmGuard is the best choice for securing patient arms in the supine position.
  • Reduces the potential for OR acquired pressure and nerve injury.
  • Frame is comfortable for the bedside assistant.
  • Immediate access to IV sites.
  • Low profile does not interfere with ports or clash with robotic arms.
  • Adjusts to all arm lengths.
  • Fastest and easiest set-up and positioning.
Toboggan Sled Kit

Standard and bariatric sleds slide under mattress pad.

Rail-Mounted Sleds

Adjustable to fit any patient size. Mounts to table rail with clamps.

Arm Protector Pads

Access to ports and IVs. Quickly removed in emergency.

Width Extender Cushions

Support high-BMI patient arms.


Clamps and more.