The extended bariatric version adds 4” of width and keeps the patients arms at the same level as the table pad.  Safely secures  the proportional arm weight of patients up to 750 lbs.

Width extender easily accommodates the arms of patients with a high BMI. 

ArmGuard provides the easiest and most practical solution for safely restraining arms at the patient's side.


Patient Arm Restraint

"Patient's arms should

not be tucked ... "

2010 AORN Guidelines for Patient Positioning 

  • Reduces the potential for OR acquired pressure and nerve injury.
  • Fastest and easiest set-up and positioning. 
  • Adjusts to all arm lengths.
  • Low profile does not interfere with ports or clash with robotic arms.
  • Exclusive Quick Release fastener provides anesthesia with  easy and immediate access to IV sites.
  • Frame is comfortable for the bedside assistant.