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Advanced patient positioning solutions
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Advanced patient positioning solutions
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PatientGuardā„¢ Contoured Positioners

Dual-density, contoured positioners cradle and conform to anatomical structures, redirecting pressure away from bony prominences. Contoured pads reduce pressure ulcer risk.

Heel Tissue Compression with OR Table Pad vs. Contoured Positioner

Tissue compression on heel without countoured pad
  • Visible tissue compression and distortion.
  • Direct pressure on heel.
  • Little shear protection.
Contoured Positioner protects heel
  • No tissue compression and no distortion.
  • Total pressure re-distribution.
  • Excellent shear protection.
Countoured Leg Protector

Leg Protector

  • Slightly raised behind the knee.
  • Offers protection to the popliteal nerve and conforms around the leg.
  • Lifts heel by supporting the length of lower leg.
Contoured Head Protector

Head Protector

  • Contours to patient's head, providing comfort and effective protection.
  • For supine, lithotomy, and lateral positions.

Contoured Sacral Protector

Sacral Protector

  • Redistributes pressure away from the sacrum.
  • Reduces risk of pressure ulcer development.
  • For supine, seated, and lithotomy positions.
Head and Neck Support

Head and Neck Support

  • Ergonomically designed to support the head and neck.
  • Features anti-slip properties designed for additional safety.
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