We had a number of requests for a flat instrument tray for use in orthopedics and cardiac procedures.

Available in custom sizes and colors.

Storing FaceGuard™ is fast and easy.

 Just pull and twist the security pins  to move the legs into a convenient  narrow profile for storing the  device.   

In the case of an emergency, removing the tray is fast and easy.  Simply pull and twist the security pin then pull the plate away for full access.

Five positions for precise location of convenient  instrument tray.

Protects the patients face and acts as a convenient instrument tray in supine and Trendelenburg postures.

Provides full view of the patient and access to breathing apparatus.

Sliding plate assures

full face coverage

"Hold the MAYO"

is now available!

Storing FaceGuard is fast, easy and convenient

  • FaceGuardTM is recommended for robotic and conventional surgical procedures. ​
  • It protects the patients face and acts as an instrument tray in Trendelenburg and supine postures. 
  • Convenient instrument access during Laparoscopy and Robotic assisted procedures.


Table Mounted Head Protector

and Instrument Tray