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TrenGuard 450 Hybrid Trendelenburg Patient Restraint

TrenGuard™ Trendelenburg Patient Restraint

TrenGuard prevents sliding for patients in Trendelenburg. Suitable for all patients, including high-BMI patients up to 550 lbs | 250 kg. 

ArmGuard Arm Protector with bariatric width extender pad

ArmGuard™ Patient Arm Protector

ArmGuard protects the patient's arm, hands, and fingers without "tucking" and preserves access to the arm.

FaceGuard Face Shield and Instrument Tray

FaceGuard™ Face Shield / Instrument Tray

FaceGuard protects the patient's head and airway, providing anesthesia with full access. Adjustable to fit any OR table.

PatientGuard Surgical Stirrups

PatientGuard™ Surgical Stirrups

Our surgical stirrups feature design improvements including axial rotation at the handle, shorter rods, and lower leg positioning.

PatientGuard Lateral Positioner

PatientGuard™ Lateral Positioners

Our lateral positioning suite includes solutions that provide a uniform method for granting surgical access while keeping the patient stable.

PatientGuard Contoured Positioners

PatientGuard™ Contoured Positioners

Contoured positioners are designed to cradle and conform to anatomical structures and reduce the risk of decubitus ulcers.

ShroudGuard OR Table Pedestal Protector

ShroudGuard™ OR Table Pedestal Protector

ShroudGuard protects your OR table pedestal from damage caused by equipment on the base of the table, helping to keep tables in service. 

Adjustable Attachment for Armboards

Adjustable Attachment for Armboards

Instantly convert your standard armboards, into arm positioners that can be raised, lowered, and mounted at an angle.

Hip Fix Stable Positioning for Total Hip Replacement

Hip Fix

Hip Fix facilitates accurate and reproducible positioning of implant components with stability of patient position throughout procedure.