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PatientGuard™ Surgical Stirrups

The first generational and ergonomic innovation in stirrup technology in the last two decades. 

  • Axial rotation of up to 10 degrees at handgrip.
  • Flexible boot compensates for larger legs; available with or without fins.
  • Enclosed knuckle eliminates pinch points where stirrup clamps onto accessory rail.
  • Anti-microbial boot liners feature reinforced hinges to extend product life.
  • -9 degrees adduction to +25 degrees abduction.
PatientGuard Stirrups allow rotation using handgrip
PatientGuard Robotic Stirrups

600 Robotic Stirrups

  • 600 lb proportional patient weight maximum.
  • Simplify docking and improve access for bedside assistant.
  • Will not clash with surgical robot.
  • Shorter rods provide easier control in draping as well as lower lithotomy positioning.
  • Lithotomy: -55 degrees low to +60 degrees high.
PatientGuard Stirrups for bariatric patients

800 Stirrups

  • Specialty stirrup for larger patients.
  • Available with fin only.
  • 800 lb proportional patient weight maximum.
  • Lithotomy: -35 degrees low to +85 degrees high.

PatientGuard PediStirrup

For pediatric laparoscopy and other procedures requiring lithotomy positioning, especially where intra-operative re-positioning may be required.
  • Five boot sizes for newborns to children up to 55" tall.
  • Easy and secure adjustment in horizontal, vertical, and longitudinal directions. 
  • Quick fix and release boot exchange mechanism.
  • Soft, ergonomic fixation straps to minimize pressure on the calf.
PediStirrup "Five-in-One"
PediStirrup telescoping control arm
PediStirrup laser accuracy

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