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Advanced patient positioning solutions

TrenGuardâ„¢ Trendelenburg Restraint

The ONLY contemporary Trendelenburg restraint without a single report of a patient sliding or post-operative discomfort. Used in over 200,000 procedures worldwide.

  • Secures patients up to 550 lb | 250 kg in 40 degrees of Trendelenburg.
  • Virtually eliminates the risk of neuropathy.
  • Low cost per procedure with minimal waste. 
  • Set-up in less than 2.5 minutes.

TrenGuard is the most effective and efficient Trendelenburg patient positioning system on the market.
TrenGuard 450

For patients weighing up to 450 lb | 200 kg.

TrenGuard 600

For patients weighing up to 550 lb | 250 kg.


Semi-reusable for less medical waste.


For infants, up to 90 lb | 40.8 kg.

Dynamic Frame

Swivel legs for easy manipulation and repositioning.


Clamps and more.