Improved procedural efficiency

  Performance Specifications

The Simple Physics 

of how TrenGuard™ Works

"An object at rest tends to remain at rest
unless an external force acts upon it"  I Newton

     The TrenGuard™ "Speed Bump" bolster is rated to safely support patients up to 550 lbs in Trendelenburg as  extreme as 40 degrees

     The soft Lateral Stabilizing Pillows are non-structural. They assure and maintain proper body alignment  along the axis  of the spine.

     The unique shape of the Head Stabilizer  protects against alopecia and maintains  head position during the procedure regardless of the degree of Trendelenburg. 

    ​The device is so easy and intuitive to use that the positioning staff often becomes comfortable and expert with the process after only one or two procedures. 


  •      Procedural efficiency                                                                                      15 second setup

  •      Actual Positioning Time                                    ​                                             <   2.5 minutes

  •      Turnover                                                                                                            <   90 seconds  

     The industry exclusive "Speed bump" bolster, positioned comfortably under the notch of the neck, serves to prevent the combination of weight, gravity and an extreme inclination from acting on the patient in a manner that would cause them to slide.  

     It is the broad Trapezius muscle, in direct contact with the bolster,  that safely supports the body mass.

     Dr. Hewer's paper describes this unique restraint technique and explains how it also eliminates the risk of brachial plexus neuropathy.  


Trendelenburg Patient Restraint

The only Trendelenburg Restraint on the market that has never had a report of a patient sliding