Accomodates High-BMI

TrenGuard™ 600 is the only system capable of securing patients up to

550 lbs.

No Shoulder Braces

Non-structural lateral stabilizing pillows help to control body mass shift as the patient transitions into extreme Trendelenburg.

Patients Cannot Slide 

The bolster, placed under the concavity of the neck, comes into full contact with the trapezius muscle.  It functions as an effective physiological “speed bump”.

TrenGuard™ is the most effective and efficient Trendelenburg patient positioning system on the market.


      The most significant clinical benefit of TrenGuard™ is that, even after many thousands of procedures, there has never been a single report of a patient sliding and there has never been a report of post-operative patient discomfort or injury.

     The design behind TrenGuard™ Trendelenburg Restraint System is time proven to be safe and capable of keeping patients weighing up to 550 lbs. fixed in place on the operating table while in extreme head down Trendelenburg inclination as great as 40 degrees. 

TrenGuard™ is the only system on the market with a rigid support frame that is fixed to the accessory table rails with table clamps.  The frame cannot move and neither can the patient.   

The surface of the frame is covered with industrial strength hook fastener.  Attached to the frame are four adjustable patient support pads that anchor the patient to the table.


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