TrenGuard™ Safety Summary:

  • The only device hard connected to the OR table rail.
  • The only device with no reports of patient sliding.
  • No reports of post-op patient discomfort or Injury. 

No Egg-crate Foam - No Taping the Pad or the Patient to the Table
​No Respiratory Restriction from Straps Across The Chest 
No Shoulder Braces - No Belts to Slip - No Body Straps
No Valve, Seal or Vacuum Leaks - No Friction - No Shear
No Need for Arm Tucking 

No More Wasted Time​​!

            A Continuing Record of Clinical Safety

TrenGuard™  is time proven

to be a safe patient restraint.

There have been no reports of postoperative patient discomfort or device related injuries attributable to the technology even after thousands of surgical procedures.   

TrenGuard™ is the most reliable patient

restraint for extreme Trendelenburg Positions.

        TrenGuard™ is the only device that uses a hard connection to                       attach the device directly to the accessory rails.  Patients cannot slide                 because they are being supported by a device that cannot move or slide.  


       TrenGuard™ remains the only contemporary Trendelenburg                         restraint that has not had a report of a patient sliding. 


    OR table mattresses were never designed to keep a patient from sliding             when in extreme Trendelenburg.  Attaching the patient to a mattress using       foams or "sticky pads" places non-measurable forces and loads on table             pads that far exceed the pad makers and OR table manufacturers intended       use of the mattress. Utilizing the OR table mattress to restraint the patient        is risky positioning behavior and it places patients at risk.     

Safety and reliability make TrenGuard™ the best choice of all of the Trendelenburg Patient Restraints on the market.