“Preventing patients from sliding is critical to patient
safety during robotic surgery.  With TrenGuard, patients never slide.

"We had to request that the hospital purchase several TrenGuards because other surgeons were taking our TrenGuard from the room to use for their procedures. ”

"We have made TrenGuard our standard of care for all of our GYN procedures."

Shivkamini Somasundaram, MD  OB.GYN Surgeon Riverside Methodist Hospital    Columbus, OH

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their satisfaction and experience 

with our products!

“This is a very well designed device and it is easy to use.  We  have had some very petite patients and patients in the 300 lb range and there has been no sliding.  We have been very impressed with the device.

       Eric Humphries MD     

Chairman, Department of Anesthesia    

​Mt Carmel - St Ann's Hospital   Columbus, OH